Go Green LED Alternatives is more than an LED and intelligent networking solutions company. It incorporates the mission of entrepreneurial pioneers who were driven to make the world a more sustainable place for future generations.

This may seem like a lofty goal, but the Goeken father and daughter team have not been strangers to innovative ideas that move the future forward. Their technology leadership over the years has already changed the way we operate in society in numerous respects. From kickstarting our independence from the communications monopoly ATT –to the use of their Airfones on Flight 93 during the 9/11 attack.


On a side note: passengers on the flight used the phones to call loved ones, which enabled them to find out that they were part of a larger hijacking scheme. Todd Beamers’ Airfone call to a GTE agent allowed her to inform the FBI. The knowledge attained through these calls led to the passengers taking action that helped to force the hijackers to take the plane down in field, instead of a possibly the US Capitol building.


Sandra, a mother and a businesswoman with environmental sensibilities, is determined to reduce unnecessary carbon emissions. She sees lighting as a critically important stepping stone for healthy change. Its infrastructure is everywhere begging to be updated. Ready to embrace disruptive transformation, she is determined to use LED’s as a platform for integrating multi-purpose leap-frog technologies that help set cities, municipalities, schools, institutions and businesses move on a positive and sustainable course.

President and Owner


Sandra Goeken Miles is the Founder and CEO of Green LED Alternatives, LLC, a certified Women-Owned Business, registered by CPUC Utility Supplier Diversity Program Clearing House. Daughter of the late John Goeken, Sandra has 39 years of implementing ground-breaking entrepreneurial startups, co-founding many game-changing companies that created entire new industries.

She has been President of AirFone, Inc. putting pay phones on commercial airlines in 1979 and CEO of In-Flight Phone International in 1985 where she built ten companies globally.  She was instrumental in creating RailFone, putting pay phones on Amtrak trains and the FTD Floral Network which built the largest computer based communications network of its time.

Goeken started GoGreen LED Alternatives, LLC, for the energy efficiency field, delivering organization’s solutions on how to deal with the world’s energy crisis, but now Go Green LED Alternatives is involved in increasing the efficiency in all aspects of your organization, at all levels.

She has assembled some of the most innovative emerging technologies to integrate into LED lighting; including Energy Storage, Demand/Response, Security Solutions and Wireless Controls.  She has pioneered Battery Backup Street Lighting for ER/DR, 95 High CRI and Title 24 Compliant innovative products specifically to meet the needs of Calif. Sandra has addressed audiences worldwide on a myriad of topics.

Lighting the Beijing Olympics and winning the 2012 Innovation Award for their A-19 bulb were her most proud accomplishments.

Chairman of the Goeken Group Corp. whose wholly owned subsidiary; PolyBrite International produced the earliest LED lighting products under the Borealis Lighting brand for government, military, commercial and industrial markets since 1995. Goeken Group is the true grandfather of the LED lighting industry.

Sandra has served as an adjunct professor at Southern Illinois University (SIU). She has served on the Board of Rush Copley Hospital, Success Magazine, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA), Du Page Children’s Museum, Joliet Junior College, University of St. Francis and Clean Energy Trust.


    • 2012 Innovation Award
    • Chicago Business Leader of the Year
    • Entrepreneur Hall of Fame and in 1992
    • Presidential appointment to FCC’s 1992 Small Business Advisory Committee
      • elected Chair of the New Technology subcommittee
    • Honorary Bachelor of Commercial Sciences Degree, University of St. Francis
    • Honorary doctorate degree of Commercial Science, Southern Illinois University

John ‘Jack the Giant Killer’ Goeken

John Goeken


John Goeken, known as Jack, was Sandra’s father. He began his first company, MCI, originally called Microwave Communications Inc., after being discharged from the Army, where he had learned about microwave technology. His goal, at the time, was to expand his radio repair business by setting up a microwave repeater system between Chicago and St. Louis, so he could sell more radios to truckers – but his license was denied because ATT had a monopoly on such communications.

He was instrumental in changing the course of history in the United States when he challenged the ruling and began the processthat broke up AT&T. He followed with an antitrust suit against AT&T and was joined by the Justice Department. A settlement was reached in which AT&T agreed to break itself apart a decade later which transformed the telephone industry, bringing down costs of long-distance service to millions of American households and businesses.

After the ATT breakup he was dubbed ‘Jack the Giant Killer`. A true pioneer, visionary and entrepreneur, he continued creating communications companies, against odds and opposition. He created the most vast computer network of its time in 1974 called the FTD Mercury Computer Network, called the “Floral Information Superhighway” which is still used by florists today. His other key ventures include AirFone and In-Flight Phone, which are credited with establishing the first air-to-ground telephones.

Realizing that the future of communications technology lies with digital transmission, he began building the world’s first digital air-to-ground network. Completed in 1991, Goeken’s digital network provided the quality and services that people have come to depend on in their offices and homes. Goeken also started Railfone Inc., serving the northeast and southwest rail corridors, CML Communications, a company made up of Comsat, MCI and Lockheed Aircraft, to provide a domestic satellite service, Spectrum Analysis and Frequency Planning (SAFP), which at the time was the largest frequency planning and coordinating company outside of ATT.

PolyBrite International was one of the last companies he formed before his death in 2010.  Ahead of the curve, with advanced lighting technology using patented polymer/light emitting diodes (LED) combination, which produces the same illumination of an incandescent light bulb at 90% energy savings, is vibration and shock resistant, has a 10-year life expectancy and is virtually maintenance free. It has become the most innovative global lighting technology company, developing state-of-the-art LED lighting systems. Using proprietary technology, it manufactures solid-state lighting products, creating lamps and lighting systems


  • CEO, Ms. Sandra Goeken Miles, is personally involved in all transactions involving her company.
  • Ms. Goeken has personally trained hundreds of people on LED lighting.
  • Has built a network of expertly trained independent Sales Representatives that have backgrounds in specific end-users verticals such as Salons, ‘High-end’ Retail, Restaurants, Property Management, Casinos, Cruise Lines, Hotels School Districts
  • Has a team of experts on Energy Conservation solutions, and financing Energy Conservation projects
  • Integration of emerging technology such Energy Storage, Demand/Response, Security Solutions, and Wireless Controls into LED lighting.
  • Works closely with customers to help them leverage the PR benefits of ‘Going Green’.
  • Conduct energy audits to identify savings
  • Provide financing options
  • Reduce overall demand for energy
  • Assist with rebates from utility companies
  • Installation services
  • Go Green is a one-stop source of information on Federal, State and private programs to assist public and private entities in funding energy conservation programs.
  • Create sustainability and initiatives reports and quantify results


Registered on the CPUC Proffered Vendors Clearing House as a Woman Owned Business