40 plus years of ground-breaking work by pioneer John Goeken , and the implementation work of Sandra Goeken has cultivated for GoGreen, a far-reaching network of peerless technology innovators. GoGreen uses the collective team’s expertise in Networking, Information Technology (IT) and Financial Monetization of Energy Savings, to deliver the enormous benefits of the GoGreen Smart City Vision to communities worldwide.

GoGreen Consulting analyzes the situation at hand and identifies the appropriate options for a seamless integrated technology mix for the client. Each one of our partners is an expert in their own right.

We leverage the economies of scale that come with the product and service purchasing that we perform, to capitalize on volumes. Our business operations consulting will increase your organization’s internal procedures and communications.

The key to designing a truly Smart City is not in the use of any one particular technology, but in today’s world, it takes being able to bring together the most innovative, next generation technologies and having the expertise to integrate just the right technologies for the demand of the situation.

Multi-patented, best of class LED lighting is the base of all GoGreen solutions.

Why Lighting?

Lighting Infrastructure is all around us and the existing paid-for infrastructure is ready to be the base of your smart city or smart business.


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  • BorealisSM  is a brand of PolyBrite International, Inc.,
  • Patent holder of the very first LED light used for human activity requirements. (e.g. Environmental lighting for indoor or outdoor use).
  • PolyBrite International, Inc. is the lighting expert.   

GoGreen’s additional partners:

  • Wireless – the holder of the earliest patents for placing radios inside light fixtures, both LED, Fluorescent or any switching type lighting like Metal-Halide or High and Low Pressure Sodium.
  • Energy Storage– providing a new and innovative way to store energy using an         advanced Li-Ion.
  • Maximize Small Cells – create revenue for tower, pole top and building owners who seek to capitalize on small cells.
  • Energy Management real-time solutions for monitoring and controlling electrical needs, thus saving time and money.
  • Locking Systems – providing protection for municipal, industrial and commercial applications.
  • Safetybest of class alarm systems to keep our children and schools safe with patented gunshot detection systems.
  • Zero Net Investment no capital investment required for the energy efficiency assets and services so important to the public or private end user.