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GoGreen LED Alternatives, LLC, as the name implies, started in the energy efficiency field, delivering  solutions to government, business, institutions and organizations  about how to deal with the world’s energy crisis.  The company is now dedicated to pioneering game-changing technologies, even if disruptive, so as to assist in expediting the country toward a new energy economy and build a more sustainable world.

Multi-patented, best of class LED lighting is the base from which all GoGreen solutions stem.

Lighting infrastructure is ubiquitous and is an existing paid-for infrastructure. Using our Borealis state-of-the-art LED lighting as the base of operations, we provide full integration and implementation into emerging, next-generation technologies such as Energy Storage, Demand/Response, Security Solutions, and Wireless Controls.

  • Conduct energy audits to identify savings.
  • Provide financing options.
  • Supply installation services.
  • Reduce overall demand for energy.
  • Assist with rebates from utility companies.
  • Create sustainability with initiative reports that quantify results.
  • Work closely with customers to help them leverage the PR benefits of ‘Going Green’.
  • One-stop source of information on Federal, State and private programs to assist public and private entities in funding energy conservation programs.

Smart City Vision

With GoGreen LED initiatives, the city of the future is now.  Peerless world-class technology allows us to develop and deploy Intelligent networking solutions for municipalities, cities and governments that leverage building facilities and streetlight infrastructure. We deliver exponential improvement in energy efficiency (EE) and sustainability projects.

Integrating Controls into Lighting Enables Energy Efficiency & Demand Response

The lighting infrastructure is an existing paid-for infrastructure representing the lowest cost way to deploy the IoT)/Internet of Everything based Smart City Vision. Our Smart City Deployment is paid for quickly by leveraging the existing infrastructure to generate new revenues for cities such as selling wireless capacity to providers.  Lighting is the most ubiquitous infrastructure currently existing in cities worldwide. It is literally all around us.

Smart City Deployment

The existing lighting infrastructure gives us the most granular deployment of the IoT/Internet of Everything which means we can do more because we have so many more cost effective end points in the network of our larger Smart City Scope.

We analyze your city’s strengths, weaknesses and future potentials. We look at the streetlights network and come up with a proposal tailored to your city’s needs. Working with our Borealis street lights we can upgrade with value added services specific for your city, such as:

    • Efficiencies
      • Error Reporting Tracks Burn-In Hours
      • Failure Detection
      • Light Power Monitoring
      • Lower Maintenance cost
      • Lower operation cost
      • Non-start detection
    • Public safety
      • Police can brighten streetlights at high crime times.
      • Gunshot detection.
      • Vehicle detection
      • Pedestrian detection
      • Increased illumination for emergencies
      • Perimeter intruder detection/intruder tracking
    • Wifi
      • Vibrant downtown activities need wifi and we can provide it thorough the streetlight heads.
      • Streaming of city-identified video provides smartphone messaging opportunities for local businesses to promote abilities live real time.
      • Smartphone messaging for city emergencies
      • Cellular Revenue Capabilities
    • Sensors that detect:
      • Methane and gas leaks
      • Electrical storm/activity
      • Earthquake activity/monitoring
    • Demand response – regulatory changes are occurring, with California leading the way. New laws will necessitate utilities to require customers to shed load.
      • Reducing electrical consumption at peak power periods to reduce blackouts.
      • Shed load from streetlights by using small batteries that remove streetlight network entirely off the grid.
      • Wireless control that dims down all the lighting in a building by 20%. Studies prove the human eye notices no decrease in brightness when done over a period of seven minutes.
    • Battery Storage integrated into street light heads allows you to take them off the grid, reducing power load. This can also be done in your building with wireless controls.
      • Patented battery system technology
      • Advanced Lithium technology
      • Storage of Efficient Renewable Energy
      • Reduce or Eliminate Intermittence of supply
      • Shift supply and boost transmission
    • Commercial distributed energy storage systems
      • Modular design
      • Hi voltage output for transmission-level grid-tied operations
      • Hi power LiNMC technology with capabilities up to 30,000 cycles
      • Available from 250 kWh to 1 MWh
    • Residential Scale
      • Modular design medium voltage output
      • Nano-Cell technology with 6,000 cycles
      • Available from 25 – 100 kWh
    • Enhanced cell performance for utility applications
      • Higher Power Density – higher W/kg
      • High Energy Density – lighter weight
      • Fast Charge Capability – continuous charge
      • High Discharge Rates – continuous discharge
      • Long Cycle Life – 10+ year life
      • Wider Operating Temperature
      • Improved safety – lower impedance cell design that reduces heat generation in operation
      • Safety Controls – fail-safe short circuiting protection
      • Lower production cost – automated processes in mass production
      • Scalable – ability to economically mass produce in volume


The lighting infrastructure represents an energy savings opportunity where networking technology is used to convert high monthly energy expenditures into the engine that pays for our Smart City Vision deployment. This is accomplished not only through our technology, but also through our disruptive financial energy monetization structuring. New funding approaches allow cost savings and revenue generation to pay for integrated intelligent technologies.

Go Green LED Alternatives serves more than at just the operational expense level, centered

around energy costs. We leverage our economies of scale for product and service purchasing to capitalize on volumes. By aggregating purchase orders, lowest possible pricing can be realized.

New Revenue Streams

  • Wifi sponsorsip
  • Customer pays for usage direct
  • Leasing of space on the streetlight infrastructure to wireless providers

Lease-free Financial Structuring

Monetizing the energy savings at the lowest price point accomplishes this in a way that does not create a lease and does not become a liability on our client’s books.  This enables them to use their existing credit rating and  ability to raise money for other strategic purposes. In addition, our approach also automates heretofore numerous and expensive manual processes through IT and network powered automation.

Zero Net Investment

Services you need – provided when you need them.

There is no capital investment required for the energy efficiency assets and services so important to the public or private end user. We provide a long term service contract where the efficiencies and long-life of the upgrades outweigh any service contract cost.  Savings then pay for the program.

This program is the most effective for energy or equipment upgrades or end of life replacements. Our “Smart City Vision” approach can handle your entire real estate footprint from product to installation with rapid implementation into our LED lighting of our Energy Storage, Demand/Response, Security Solutions, and Wireless Controls.

The Zero Net program can be tailored to the user’s needs and economic benefits can be recognized immediately.  The program can provide monetization of future energy savings  immediately to customer at service contract inception. Service contract payments over a period of time can be created with low, to no payments, in order to make initial period additionally cost-effective when needed most. Equal-sized service contract payments over the service contract term or lower payments in early years stepping up over time (i.e. to match expected inflation); among other benefits, providing a smoothing of the costs and savings over the service contract term.

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